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How Much Do Our Business Plans Cost?

We offer the best value business plans and only full-scale FREE business plan in the UK. All businesses from our available sectors are eligible to order a FREE plan, which is the perfect way to see the quality of your plan without paying a penny. Like what you see and want to share it with lenders, banks and partners? Then simply upgrade to our paid plan and have the freedom to download, edit and share your plan however you wish.


Plans don’t come alone. Each order is accompanied by a range of amazing extra business documents, tools and more. We’ll send all of these via the same secure link to view and evaluate your business plan. Check out details of each free extra below of head to our Examples page for a closer look.


Print & Bound Copy

Your plan will look amazing on screen but they look even better as a phsycial copy you can hold in your hands. Paying customers will recieve a FREE hard copy of their plan, printed on premium quality paper, bound and delivered to your door inside 5 working days. A great way to impress anyone you’d like to show your plan to. Here is a video of how it will look Example Plan.


Profit & Loss Forecast

This additional document summerises the sales performance on the business over a three year period and provides a detailed breakdown of all fixed and variable expenses incurred on a month by month basis over the 3 year period in the plan. It also shows Gross and Net profit margins and plots Sales Revenue vs Proft (Before Tax) 3 easily digestable graphs. 


Cash Flow Forecast

This additional document details in finer detail all inbound and outbound cash on a month by month basis over the course of the plans’ 3 years. It clearly shows the projected cash positon at the end of each calender month, giving detailed insight into fluctuations of your business’ finances. The forecast also the calculates the projected end of year dividends (at 50% of overall profit) for the entreprenuer.


Sales Forecast

This additional document details seperately the monthly sales volumes, and monthly revenues of each offer included in the plan. The accompanying graphs show the progression of sales volumes and revenue year on year.


Marketing Plan

This additional document shows the yearly marketing budget for your business and breaks that down into each relevant marketing channel. The document also indentifies the average cost per sale and calculates the overall return on investment of any marketing spend.


Staffing Plan

The Staffing Plan shows the forecasted staffing requirements over the 3 years of the business plan. It splits out all salaried employees by staff type and summarises staff expenses (both fixed and variable) and each member of staff’s relationship to turnover and profit.


Targets & Objectives

The Targets & Objectives document provides a snapshot of the entire business and summerises all key perormance indicators on an attrative one page summary covering Sales, Cash Flow, Marketing and Resources. 


Personal Survival Budget Planner

The Personal Surivual Budget Planner is a quality tool helping document and calculate your current personal income and out-goings and project how those will change in the short and long term. This powerful calculator shows what your new business will need to provide you financially, in order to sustain your lifestyle.